nuMint is the governance token of Nuon and is distributed to NUON stakers on a Bitcoin-style emission curve. Holders of nuMint vote-escrow their tokens in order to earn the excess yield of the system (in excess of Truflation APY paid to NUON holders).

nuMint holders are incentivized to attract as much capital as the system can support, as they earn more if there are enough yields in the system, and, because they are entitled to the yield in excess of Truflation, they lose more if they allow too much NUON to be minted.

When escrowed as veMint (see Section 4.3, Vote Escrow Weights), nuMint earns the yield on deposited USDC in excess of the Truflation APY paid to NUON holders. These returns autocompound in the vaults until the vote escrow period is over; after that time, veMint token holders can withdraw their accumulated share of rewards. veMint also confers governance rights in the Nuon protocol (see Section 4, Governance).

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