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What is Nuon?

Nuon Finance is a safe and transparent DeFi protocol where users can mint $NUON flatcoins to hedge against inflation and take advantage of arbitrage opportunities.

What is the Nuon flatcoin?

Nuon is the world’s first true decentralized flatcoin — a stablecoin with a price peg that rises and falls with inflation rates, shielding holders against loss of value from inflation.
Current daily inflation levels are measured by Truflation, an independent inflation index oracle. Truflation calculates the Nuon peg daily and shares it with the Nuon protocol, which uses over-collateralization and arbitrage to maintain the peg while offsetting inflation for Nuon flatcoin holders.
Nuon can be minted within the Nuon Protocol by depositing approved cryptocurrency collateral. This guarantees over-collateralization for minted Nuon, maintaining a stable peg. As more collateral types are integrated, a dynamic collateral ratio will be implemented, tailored for each token. Nuon loans feature audited, open-source smart contracts and a zero percent interest rate for borrowers’ peace of mind. Additionally, minted Nuon is always over-collateralized to ensure the peg is stable.
Nuon can also be purchased directly from exchanges. This offers anybody a quick way to hedge against inflation without having to go through the process of collateralization. This avenue is best suited to retail users , leaving the minting of fresh Nuon primarily to market makers and arbitrageurs.

Why Nuon?

Inflation Hedge
Nuon flatcoins help users retain their purchasing power while also remaining entirely backed by the market value of collateral. While everyone holding fiat-pegged stablecoins is losing to inflation, Nuon stablecoins remain overcollateralized at all times. You can buy Nuon off the market to benefit from its inflation protection.

Zero Interest

You can borrow Nuon interest-free by depositing crypto assets at your chosen collateral ratio (CR), not lower than a smart contract minimum. A Liquidation Ratio is established separately for each asset. It’s then dynamically updated based on a daily inflation adjustment and the difference between the target and the market peg of the Nuon flatcoins.
Safe and Secure
A flatcoin you can trust: Nuon will partner with known DeFi auditors to enable audits (smart contracts) and real-time transparency on users’ deposited collateral, offering an additional asset protection layer against crypto volatility, bear markets and bad actors.

Protocol Safety

Nuon smart contracts are thoroughly tested and audited by CoinFabrik, a certified auditor in the smart contract security field which previously audited Algorand.


Nuon protocol algorithms are autonomous and are part of an open-source, EVM-compatible environment that makes it easy to build third-party applications and services and enrich the entire ecosystem.
Decentralized and Censorship-Resistant
Many adjustable features of the protocol and the general direction of the Nuon platform will be governed by a decentralized community of nuMINT governance token holders through a ‘Boardroom’ governance system of proposals, discussions, and voting.

Nuon Utility

Deposit collateral to mint Nuon for use in liquidity pools, as collateral on other DeFi protocols, and other yield-generating strategies.As the price of Nuon increases with inflation, this creates a highly capital efficient ecosystem as compared to stablecoins pegged to fiat.
Purchase Nuon on popular exchanges to gain the inflation-hedging advantages of Nuon without having to deposit collateral.
Hold Nuon flatcoins to hedge against USD inflation.
Gain additional rewards from automated liquidity pools on every Nuon minted, and by depositing Nuon on other DeFi platforms and liquidity pools.
Use the minor fluctualtions in the peg opportunities to speculate on Nuon prices.

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