Claiming Excess

At any point, holders of veMint are able to claim profits from the vault they have staked nuMint towards. Doing so resets the amount of veMint a user has accumulated from staked nuMint. The amount of excess you can claim depends on the amount of total veMint for the vault as well as how much excess is available. The formula for claiming amount is relatively simple:

claimAmount = user veMint amount / total veMint for vault * amount of excess in the vault

In a simplistic example, you have 1 veMint and are voting for Vault A. If there is a total of 100 veMint voting for Vault A, and an excess of 500 USDC then:

claimAmount = 1 / 100 * 500

claimAmount = 5

Therefore in this example, the user would be able to claim 5 USDC.

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