Nuon is a protocol that manages the following tokens:

  • Nuon: an ERC-20 flatcoin token that allows users to hedge against inflation and engage in arbitrage opportunities.

  • Coming soon - nuMINT: an ERC-20 governance token that allows users to participate in governance of the protocol and earn a portion of the platform's transaction fees.

Where to Get the Tokens

nuMINT tokens will be available ahead of the project launch through a private sale with a one-year cliff and a two-year linear vesting period. nuMINT will also be offered in a public IDO.

Nuon flatcoins will be immediately made available to mint on the Nuon platform upon launch of the project. Market makers can then list Nuon on partner exchanges that offer trading pairs, where general users can purchase Nuon at market prices.


Trading pairs (Nuon/nuMINT, as well as Nuon/other common stablecoins) will be made available through Decentralized Exchanges (DEXes).


The Nuon team is also in talks with centralized exchanges (CEXes) about potential listings.

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