Nuon has an ambitious roadmap to roll out powerful new features for the protocol:

  • Q4 2022: Launch of Nuon mainnet, the first flatcoin protocol

  • Q4 2022: Dynamic NFT Liquid Position (NLP) Receipts — When minting NUON, the user will receive a receipt representing their position in the form of a tradable dynamic NFT that updates as details of the position change.

  • Q1 2023: Collateral Yield — A yield aggregator that invests users’ collateral in order to generate compounded auto-yield rewards on the said Collateral.

  • Q1 2023: Cross-Position Collateralization — Greater collateral protection for users who have multiple types of cryptocurrency assets deposited in the Collateral Hub. If the price of one cryptocurrency suddenly drops, the value of other stronger cryptocurrencies deposited as collateral may be able to help cover the difference to avoid liquidation.

  • Q2 2023: Leveraged Positions — Borrow additional Nuon against collateral to amplify position size with one-click leverage, but at the risk of increased likelihood of liquidation.

  • Q2 2023: Nuon Swap — A decentralized exchange that uses automated market makers with various trading pairs against Nuon for liquidity.

  • Q4 2023: Nuon Oil — A new token on the Nuon Protocol that pegs the price of oil to the value of a basket of goods, representing a new paradigm for how we trade commodities on the market.

  • Q1 2024: Nuon Wheat — A new token that pegs the price of wheat to the value of a basket of goods. Nuon Oil and Nuon Wheat are just the first two offerings that will see many more commodities added to the Nuon Protocol.

Protocol Timeline

  • June 2021: Project Concept — The idea of a decentralized inflation-proof flatcoin was born.

  • August 2021 - March 2022: Project Design — Built out the main elements of Nuon, including the Collateral Hub, Boardroom Governance and the Treasury.

  • September 2022 - December 2022: Testnet live — Smart contract testing and modeling using historical price data.

  • September 2022: Coinfabrik Audit — Testing of Nuon smart contracts by a certified auditor

  • Q1 2023 - Nuon flatcoin mainnet live

Nuon Flatcoin & nuMINT Governance Token

  • August 2022 onwards: nuMINT Private Sale — Limited token sale to early supporters and investors.

  • Q1 2023: nuMINT Public Launch — IDO launch on popular DEXs on an EVM chain.

  • Q1 2023: LP Pools — Creation of liquidity pools for Nuon and nuMINT to enable exchange on DEXs


  • 2022 onwards: Community Growth — Tutorials, hackathons and community events to encourage participation in the protocol.

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