Protocol Participants

There are a number of different ways that people can interact with the Nuon Protocol:

Minters can deposit cryptocurrency assets into the Collateral Hub to mint and borrow new Nuon flatcoins. The Nuon protocol registers the depositor's wallet at the time of the transaction, allowing them to redeem their Nuon by withdrawing their collateral back to the same wallet at any time.

Nuon Buyers are users who purchase existing Nuon flatcoins on the market. Nuon buyers can't use the flatcoins to withdraw collateral, but they can benefit from its inflation shielding properties. Buyers can speculate on Nuon prices, use it for payments or hold it as an inflation hedge.

Arbitrageurs profit from the Nuon target peg diverging from its market peg and they benefit from Nuon price discrepancies as the peg is maintained.

Coming soon - Governance token holders are users who own nuMINT governance tokens. nuMINT holders can participate in Boardroom governance, submit proposals to the community and vote. Through active community participation, they can earn a portion of Nuon Protocol fees. They can also use nuMINT to provide token liquidity to the protocol's liquidity pools.

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