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Flatcoins: The Future of Cryptocurrency

The flatcoin is a brand new concept, defined as a decentralized stablecoin that is protected against loss of value from inflation. Just as decentralized protocols are the answer to risks posed by centralized currencies, and overcollateralization is the answer to maintaining value in the face of a market crash, inflation-proof flatcoins are the solution to preserving value over time.
A flatcoin shields against inflation by maintaining its peg at the price of a specific basket of goods and protects purchasing power in the face of inflation. As the price of the basket of goods rises with inflation, so too does the flatcoin’s peg.
The key, therefore, is to identify the best way to prove real inflation rates in a cryptographically verifiable and transparent manner, which is notably difficult to do.
Nuon addresses all of these problems. It’s a fully decentralized, over-collateralized true flatcoin that uses cryptographically verifiable inflation data to maintain its peg.
Welcome to the safe future of money.